Gjensidige - Gjenfinne

The stage was set for a totally new approach and different campaign from one of Norway's largest financial groups, as Norway reopened after the pandemic, using emotions and words to show why it feels good to be together again.

The campaign is primarily an emotional and associative way of linking Gjensidige's values to the actual reopening people were finally experiencing. Gjensidige's role as a steward of values that strengthen the community for more than 200 years means that we want to focus on the fact that we can finally come together again and cultivate the unity we humans are so dependent on. We know that exclusion and isolation, in addition to being personal tragedies, are bad for the economy," says Marketing Director Anne Margrete Børjesson.

Spelling and Finn Kalvik

The campaign utilises the fact that words such as "Gjenåpne", "Gjensyn", "Gjenskape", "Gjeninnta", "Gjenoppvekke" and many more are direct literal rhymes with the company name Gjensidige. This gives the campaign a slightly poetic feel, and is quite different from the campaigns we have seen from the insurance giant in the past. With the text “Det fineste vi har er felleskapet", the campaign appeared outdoors, in social media, print and on TV. The music also aimed at a broad audience, with songs by the artists Finn Kalvik, Trang Fødsel and CC Cowboys newly recorded with young Norwegian artists such as Matilda, Jesper Jenset and Frida Amundsen. The films were produced by The Film Agency and directed by Kalle Meidell.

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